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Mummy's Kitchen sources the best quality Australian ingredients to create delicious and nutritious baby food that contains 100% all natural Australian produce...

Babies deserve the best start in life and a huge part of this starts with nutrition. That old saying “you are what you eat” holds true now as ever before and providing great tasting healthy food from the beginning is a recipe for a healthy future.

The availability of the nutrients and the nutritional benefits of any food depend to a large degree on how natural and “real” the food is. Our bodies are designed to live and function optimally on real and natural food.

The quality and nutritional value of any food is determined by its ingredients, how they are farmed and where they come from. We cast our net far and wide to bring the best that Australian farmlands have to offer. Australia is renowned for premium nutritional quality and food security, so you can be assured Mummy’s Kitchen meets the best food safety standards.

Our home-style baby food recipes are steam cooked, contain NO artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, NO fruit juice concentrates or fruit pastes – just real fruits and vegetables.



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